paper works

Off at 13 Blue Storm of Our Anxieties The Meaning of Wings 4. Lake Lines Espiritu Santo A Window In DoubleMangrovex MigrationDrawingx AnotherWayThroughx Dissolutionx MassInversionx SettlingInx TackingHomex 3. Low tide. 44 x 44 inches. Handmade Paper 15. Remnant 18. Collection. 63 x 20 inches. Paperpulp on handmade paper 20.  Remains 20 x 40 Monoprint and paper pulp on Handmade Paper 22. Tide line. 21 x 64 inches. Handmade Paper 23. Underside. 25 x 50 inches. Paper pulp and infk on handmade paper 24. Breakwater 25. Merge nancy cohen  Worlds Apart nancy cohen Beneath the Surface 4.Against the Fall 4.Fire Balloon 4.Place Holder Flats Gully Marsh Drawing Salar de Uyuni Yours and Mine Walkers Cherryscape rubber river hackensack net hackesnack dreaming drawing October drawing Finale

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