1. FractureA17x10x8 inches 2. HoldingItTogetherA 22x12x4 inches 3. PrecariousA28x8x4inches 4. RockerA7x20 x7 5. Visible Man 6 .TheShieldItself is vulnerable 7. LiquidSkin17x9x4inches 8. Captured 9. Beholden21x16x5  inches 10. Issue 11. Reversing 12. Momentary 13. Flyer  Where it Used to Be 7.Breath 7.In Parallel 7.Solid State 7.Wavering The Wing's Path 6.Tenuous Bulwark Swept up In (view a) Open to In reach Erosion Still Life B An Underside (view a) A Measuring (view a) Two-step Stepping Out Held Firmly in Place In the midst of a

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